by Eliot Stein


“I feel very compelled since the removal of the Ten Commandments from the
wall and the strong fight that Judge Moore put up. A very wonderful guy I must say.
But I feel embarrassed for you Americans because what I saw was a few hundred
there protesting when there should have been a million people there.�
“I am so grateful to belong to a country that is based on freedom under law. Fought
hard and
won by Christian men. absolutely Christian men, very few others. Christian founders,
Christian freedom fighters and they’ve granted me the privilege to live in this
I must adapt. I must respect the laws and the history of the country.�
“We have allowed immigrants to come in with all their belief systems and not
required them
to adapt to our laws and our history and to accept out of respect their given freedom.â
“This is a Christian country. Like it or not. It is.�
“If you’re going to be a citizen, you need to adapt. Not to try and change the
laws, but to adapt
to it. And respect it. You want to practice your little religious rituals on the side? Thatâ
€™s fine.
But not to try and change the Constitution, interpret it and tear it down.�

The only people that are trying to change and don’t respect the Constitution are
people like yourself who
would like to turn America into a theocracy of your own vision.
The reason why there was only a small number of protestors at the Alabama courthouse
is because
the majority of Americans are supportive of the Bill of Rights that protects all citizens of
this country
regardless of their religious belief or lack of such.
“Congress shall make no law
respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereofâ
…16 simple words that
give all Americans a level playing field when it comes to their personal religious beliefs
guarantees that Government does not endorse or favor one religion over another.
What if Judge Roy Moore suddenly decided that he was a Buddhist and installed a
giant 5,000 pound gold Buddha statue in the lobby of his building? Would you have
a problem with that? What if he suddenly decided that he was a Hindu and placed a
huge colorful
statue of Ganesha--the Elephant God with four arms that is worshipped by over one
billion people
on the planet--accompanied by a copy of the Bhagavad-Gita for all to see?
Or how about placing a giant engraved version of “Dianetics,� the Bible of
Scientology, which
deals with numerous moral issues in the lobby of the courthouse?
This is a nation of many religions. It is not a Christian country, nor has it ever been.
There is NOTHING in our founding documents about a specific religion.
I suggest that you study the backgrounds of the founders of this nation, starting
with Thomas Jefferson, the man who influenced every major freedom document.
“No man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship,
place, or ministry whatsoever.�
The words of  some radical anti-religious
No. The words of Thomas Jefferson which he turned into the Virginia Statute For
Freedom and the basis of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.
Most of us are immigrants to this country or whose parents and grandparents were.
And they came here because of the religious freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.
The majority of Americans are fair-minded people who know that a person’s
religion is
dependent on his own conscience and he is free to practice that religion in his home,
of worship, at the ballpark or thousands of other places. But he also knows that
may not endorse or given preference to any religion on government property owned by
people who pay taxes. Your are simply not going to see your Theocracy happen in this
If you would like to be part of a theocracy, you should move to Saudi Arabia.